Monday, August 31, 2009

Baby Boy 12 Month Album

Here is an example of a set of baby boy scrapbook pages I have completed.  There are 48 pages included, plus an additional page for you to record your son's birth information.   I have listed what each 2 page layout's poems or stickers reads, in case you are not able to make them out.  It is available for $150 for pages only.

I am small
Newborn babies
Soft and precious
Sleeping soundly
So new from heaven
So loved and protected
So soft and precious.
It's me in here
waiting to come out
and play!  I love you
and I know you will
love me.
We will snuggle
and cuddle and do
silly baby thins
I love you already
and I know you will
 take care of me and
 love me forever!
I'm taking a nap now.
Sticker above reads:  Parental Advisory - Extremely Addictive
Sweet dreams,
sleep tight,
we love you,
good night.
"Wizards, Superheroes and other career options
" unruly ornery silly practical jokes extenuating circumstances filthy dog "
" action shots bold my skills experiments a boy and his dog you're it! "
" dirty uncommon courage misbehaving no girls allowed daily agenda "
Mommy's little Mess Maker
Dare Devil
riding my bike
growing by leaps and bounds
Play is really the work of childhood.
i am big
(BOI) 1.  The wildest of all animals
2. A noise with dirt on it
3. Most precious to their Mothers

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