Saturday, March 6, 2010

Baby Clothes Quilts

I have enjoyed making quilts for my children from their baby clothes and now I would like to make them for you!  In general, I have been able to make two types of quilts from the clothing I have saved.  The first is a patterned quilt, made from sewing the same size blocks together.  The second is called a crazy quilt which is made by sewing all the leftover clothing scraps together, no true pattern necessary.  I was able to include things like a special bib that was from my son's big sister and was able to cut the clothing so that each of the pockets on his shirts were intact so that he could open and close them. 

The best way to make these is by using similar types of fabrics, i.e.; non-stretchable cotton versus stretchable fabrics. 

Pricing would depend on the size and materials used for the quilt.
Please email me if you have any questions, thank you!